The Resistance TV

Kyle Barefield lives in Monroe, LA and is the Co-Owner of Resistance Media LLC and the Executive Producer and Editor of The Resistance TV. He is also the National Retail Sales Account and Media Manager for In Sights Nutrition, but would rather hunt everyday of his life if possible. Sometimes growing up you see that kid that you know is destined to be a professional athlete just by the work ethic he has, and the time he spends perfecting his craft. If there were such thing as a professional hunter, then you would have said Kyle was going to be that from early on. Kyle grew up in an old aluminum boat chasing bucks and ducks in the Bayous’ of Louisiana. He spent every waking moment thinking about, and participating in the outdoor lifestyle that was taught to him by his father and grandfather at an early age. The obsession has been growing stronger ever since. In high school he hung up his football and baseball cleats to spend more time in the woods and has documented all of his hunts with a video camera ever since. Most of Kyle’s hunts are self produced from the field to the edit and he strives to make a difference in Outdoor TV. He doesn’t settle for par and is constantly looking to sharpen his edge on creating a truly entertaining hunting film.


Cole Barthel, 30, is from Rayville, LA. Cole runs the family farm in Northeast Louisiana that consists of farming beans and corn to managing timber. He also works part time on their hunting/working cattle ranch in Oklahoma where Matt manages. He lives for hunting, and is a true Waterfowl specialist. When he is not hunting bucks and ducks, he’s seriously thinking about his next adventure in the outdoors. Cole Grew up running the rivers of North East Louisiana hunting public land ducks and big river bottom whitetails. The obsession for what he loves comes from being introduced to the great outdoors at a very young age by his father. Hunting to Cole means enjoying God’s creations and making life long memories with family and friends. Cole works harder than most when it comes to hunting ducks. There is no limit to how far he will go, or how much effort he must exert to produce a good hunt. It has been this way his whole life. He had the honor of playing professional baseball right out of high school, and also played football in college. He helps out as a middle school football coach near his hometown. During hunting season, the colder the weather, the harder the urge is to use a “sick day” to go and do what he loves most!


Jen Bruggeman

Jen Brueggeman, a resident of the lovely state of Wisconsin where she’s the Club Director of an Anytime Fitness, a Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor. As if that’s not enough, she also owns/operates a couple of rental properties! When she’s not working  she’s hunting, fishing, horseback-riding or running! Her favorite season is Wisconsin Bow Season/Whitetail. We met Jen at the Wisconsin Deer Fest in 2016. She immediately took to our original MWP Bow Pack and the rest is history. Jen recently married her sportsman partner in crime and plans on expanding her hunting experience in 2017 with 3 out of state hunts. Follow Jen on Facebook @jenniferbrueggeman14 and on IG @Jennifer_Chinnock. 


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