What drives us to be your choice in hunting gear?

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You’ve heard the same line of crap plenty of times:

“You get what you pay for.”

Hunting industry leaders tell you this concept applies to ALL of your hunting gear too…Right?

Wrong! Actually you get whatever the manufacturer decides is best for you, at whatever price he thinks he can get out of you.

Now, we know they will say that their material is better, or their zippers are better, or they have the best warranty. They’ll say words like performance, quality and comfort. They’ll use terms like UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY and NO QUESTIONS ASKED. All in an effort to get you to pay the premium price for a standard item. Word to the wise, you will still end up purchasing the same amount of packs over a 5 year stretch regardless of warranty…It’s in our nature as hunters to have the latest technology regardless.

Truth is, most packs today are built pretty good. From your el-cheapo pack at the superstore to the $500 Gargantuan 4000 at your local premium outdoor store, MOST soft goods products are built for the environment they are intended to be used in. But ultimately, they are built to maximize profit margins.

Now we are not saying we hate profit margins, in fact the more money we make, the more hunting we get to do. But we are tired of seeing our fellow sportsmen and sportswomen take a hit in the wallet so the cool kids can make an extra buck.

It just so happens our R&D staff is composed of 2 self made professional hunters, 1 hunting industry guru, 2 “meat hunters” and 1 trophy hunter; none of which can claim to be rich or famous. That being said, we pride ourselves on bringing a diverse crew to the research table to figure out what else we can stuff into our packs (pun intended) which will be the next big industry standard.

We don’t have the lion’s share of the market, or claim to be the best ever. But dang it, we know what kind of product we want built to help us be successful hunting or fishing and we know how to get it done so you have money left over for broadheads or bullets; and maybe something nice for the wife (or husband) to show how much you appreciate your time in the woods.

InSights product development group is focused on providing two things:

1- A quality product, built right, every time.
2 – Innovative attributes that make your time in the woods successful and enjoyable

Beyond that we focus on thanking God daily for his many blessings, listening to InSights Nation, our R&D group of sportsmen and sportswomen who either have or haven’t purchased our products but have an overwhelming love for the sports of hunting and fishing. These are the people who have ideas about what things should be built how they should function.

So tour the site, gather your thoughts and drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you. Your journey with InSights Nation starts here. Thanks for stopping by.